Stella as a man

Ask me whatever you want, I don’t bite… hard.

As much as I do look like a stunning woman, you might find it hard to believe, I’m actually a man in drag! Shhhhhh!

As a teenager James discovered drag through a popular TV show called Rupauls drag race, you may have heard of it…

1st Time in drag 2015

Being inspired by the ferocity and beauty of these men in dresses, James took the first opportunity he had to pick up a charity shop frock and join in! After meeting a local drag queen in Bangor who was kind enough to do James’s makeup, Stella Constellation Black was born! Armed with my shake and go wig and hand-me-down dress – I was ready to take Bangor by storm!

Christmas 2021

After deciding many years ago to move away from North Wales and move to a lovely little town called Congleton in the heart of Cheshire, I decided to pack the drag away and concentrate on being a boy for a change. In what felt like the blink of a very natural, perfectly-formed lash, times passes, and Stella Constellation Black might have been packed away for good…

But fate couldn’t let this queen sleep forever, and after a 5-year snooze packed carefully in a wardrobe (I do NOT deal well with closets!), I was growing restless – and when a local group decided to have its very own Pride event, the stars had aligned at last!

I asked Congleton Pride if they would have me and Stella Black was back! This time though, without the ‘Constellation’ – bit of a mouthful, don’t you think? I got a new frock, new wig, new makeup and a new attitude – and boy – Cheshire wasn’t ready for me! Live singing, lip syncing, comedy & choreography(ish). You want it? I can do it!

Congleton Pride 2021
photo shoot 2022

I now have many different venues under my belt and years of experience. The Vale Club, Radley & Co, Bamboogy, Crew Market Hall and a weekly residency at The Farmers Arms just to name a few…

Please browse through my gallery and if there’s anything you want to know, ask away!

Bamboogy 2022

I’m great for stag or hen parties, weddings, pride events, private functions, Christmas parties, conceptions, funerals, corporate events or indeed – anything you can dream up.

Probably not funerals though on second thought…